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Oculus Toybox demo shows how VR may make us kids again

There are lots of things that have people excited about virtual reality. There’s the potential for a return of light-gun games, where we spend our time gunning down hordes of enemies with pin point accuracy; horror games where we wet ourselves in fear at a terror that is quite literally …

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Mario is quickly becoming UE4’s unofficial mascot

Mario has been Nintendo’s most popular mascot since his inception in the ’80s, spawning whole libraries of games within his universe and others, as he battled bosses, goombas and played a variety of sports for our entertainment. And yet somehow, in the second half of the second decade of the …

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Computex: Phanteks exposes the Enthoo Primo to KitGuru

Knocking Noctua off top spot was a tough ask. Many tried. Most failed. Phanteks succeeded in delivering a new ‘ultimate CPU cooling solution’ and they deserve kudos for that. Now the Phanteks engineers have applied their digital kung-fu to the issue of creating the perfect chassis. In the VIP suite …

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