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Here’s what Star Citizen looks like in an atmosphere

Star Citizen is a game of many things. It’s a super crowd-funding success story, it’s an ambitious pipe dream and it’s an epic space adventuring game. However as empty, and as vast as space is, sometimes you need to head down to the surface of a planet and for the first time, we now have footage of what that looks like in-engine.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gGLE3USB2U’]

In-case you can’t (or won’t) watch the above video, the sequence begins with Roberts Space Industries’ Chris Roberts, guiding us through the atmospheric entry procedure, which involves getting clearance from the local populace. The player on-screen then goes through a transition into the atmosphere, before touching down and being sent out into the warmth of an industrial starship dock.

The player is given access to their hold while on the ground, so if this was a ship packing an exploration vehicle, it could potentially be driven about if needed. However in this instance, he simply goes for a walk out of the spaceport and into what is essentially, galactic immigration. The area beyond is a small shopping centre, which the player can wander around in, buy goods above and below the counter, though most of that functionality still needs to be added.


While the demonstration continues, Chris Roberts explains some of what’s going on and takes a swipe at the Xbox One and PS4, suggesting that the area being rendered is far too detailed for either console to handle. Even the PC the demo is being run on judders around a bit, but he explains it as needing optimisation.

Much like Skyrim and Deliverance: Kingdom Come, NPCs in the game are also planned to have a day-night cycle for their AI, giving them jobs, tasks and goals for each day.

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KitGuru Says: It’s a very impressive demo, even just from a graphical stand point. It’s a very pretty game. It still doesn’t make me want to spend a few hundred quid on spaceships that I can’t play with though.

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