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Star Citizen’s FPS module has been delayed

Star Citizen, the largest crowd funded video game effort to date has been under development for some time now, with Robert Space Industries giving backers regular updates on the development process and roadmap to release. So far, the game has been released in modules, with the first person shooter module …

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Even Star Citizen’s damage is pretty

Considering backers of Star Citizen have spent $75 million between them on the game's funding, most of which has gone on ships that weren't out yet, presumably most are keen to keep their space faring vehicles in tip top shape. Still, if Star Citizen has done one thing throughout its …

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Fans compare Star Citizen rentals to freemium games

If there's one game that has elicited nothing but love for a long time now, it's Star Citizen. Despite the large price tags on many of the game's biggest and baddest ships, some of which still aren't in the game yet, over three quarters of a million people have helped contribute more …

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What if Star Citizen was sold to Facebook too?

Even though most seem to have come around to the idea, there's still a few of you that are pissed Oculus VR was bought out by Facebook. But what if other beloved companies, like the one behind Star Citizen was also bought out by the social network? Don't worry, it won't. …

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Star Citizen developer hires fan video maker

Star Citizen it's just the biggest crowd funded project ever, but it's also garnering a seriously rabid fan base around it, with early backers already thinking ahead to what the game will be like at full release. Some fans have even been making videos using some of the few assets …

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Star Citizen breaks $25 million

Star Citizen is a behemoth at this point. Not only is it the most successfully crowd funded campaign ever, but it continues to blow even its own estimations out of the water. It's been over a year since the space-sim's original Kickstarter campaign and it's just earned another $1 million …

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