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Star Citizen breaks $35 million, introduces new ship

It seems like only a month ago that were were talking about how Star Citizen had broken its latest monetary milestone (less than, actually) but today we're doing practically the same story, as the game from Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame, has now hit its next crowd funded stretch goal, introducing a new information based transport craft.

The latest threshold is $35 million, though it's already $20,000 passed that at the time of writing. However this doesn't just give extra dollars for Mr Roberts to line his pockets with, it means more features and a bigger game, thanks to the introduction of another ship, known as the Drake Herald. This class of ship is designed to be all about knowledge, coming with EMPs, heavy data encryption and a powerful main engine for staying ahead of the law, pirates or whoever may be after the crucial data your ship carries.

Nothing to see here… just star dust

It might be the coordinates for a hidden space station, or the citizen ship records of an entire planet's populace. Either way it's important which is why you need a specific ship to look after it.

The next stretch goal is for $37 million, with a new system known as the Stellar Graveyard being added when (not if) that one's broken.

Robert's Space Industries recently announced a delay of its dogfighting module, but the community seems to have mostly accepted it.

KitGuru Says: It continues to be really impressive how much money Star Citizen has been able to pull in. It's not stopping any time soon either. 

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