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Three more arrested in Silk Road case

Ross Ulbricht might be the alleged captain of the now sunken ship that is the Silk Road drugs marketplace (well, there is version 2.0) but he wasn't the only one that worked on it. Now another three have been linked with Ulbricht and have been charged with money laundering.

The three men in question are Brisbane, Australia based Peter Nash, Andrew Jones of Virginia and Gary Davis from Ireland. The former is alleged to have been the main forum moderator, who with the other two helped process disputes between drugs vendors and buyers. It's claimed that Ulbricht paid each of them between $50,000 and $75,000 a year for their time.


According to the Guardian report, Nash is currently awaiting an extradition trial to send him to the US for further questioning and charges. If he and the others end up facing trial there, they could face up to 20 years in jail if given the maximum sentence.

KitGuru Says: 20 years seems a little steep for what these guys were involved in. Moderating a forum that helps an illegal site function may not be a legitimate job, but customer support shouldn't land you two decades in jail.

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