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There’s a Tomb Raider card game on iOS

Lara Croft isn't a character I'd easily associate with a social card game on a mobile platform, but that's exactly what's in store for the long standing gaming heroine in her next adventure. In Tomb Raider Reflections, you'll go on quests, collect artefacts and battle other players, all through the power of your deck.

Get ready to fight Laras from many other dimensions

The game features some of the following gameplay elements:

  • Challenging quests: Explore mysterious lands and battle powerful foes.
  • Card Battles: Collect powerful weapons to attack enemies and other players in massive real time PvP card battle combat.
  • Weapon evolution: Collect and combine weapon cards to level up and evolve new powerful weapon cards.
  • Steal artefacts: Steal artefacts from other players and protect your own.
  • Live boss battles: Participate in group battles to defeat powerful event bosses for massive rewards.

While it might sound quite intense with that PR wording, the gameplay is a little less action packed than your traditional Lara Croft game:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlnYDBV2wLU']

Released a few days ago and already available in the app store, the game is compatible with iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and iPad 2 or newer devices, though there are other iOS handsets being tested for future compatibility. The game's free, but of course there's in-app purchases for “gold,” which can be spent on cards and upgrades.

Kitguru Says: Unfortunately for Square Enix and Lara, the reviews on this one aren't great. Might be one for the hardcore Tomb Raider fans only.

[Cheers AGB]

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