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This fan-made Tomb Raider short film is pretty damn good

The Tomb Raider series and its hero Lara Croft, hasn’t been at its peak since the 90s, but has seen nice jumps in critical acclaim and popularity with the release of certain games, perhaps most notably the latest one. Even though Square Enix didn’t feel like it made enough, most …

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There’s a Tomb Raider card game on iOS

Lara Croft isn’t a character I’d easily associate with a social card game on a mobile platform, but that’s exactly what’s in store for the long standing gaming heroine in her next adventure. In Tomb Raider Reflections, you’ll go on quests, collect artefacts and battle other players, all through the …

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Tomb Raider reboot held back until 2013

The upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has been held back by Crystal Dynamics until early 2013. Fans were disappointed to hear about the delay of the new Lara Croft adventure, but the good news is that the company want to release the best game they can. Darrell Gallagher, the chief of …

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