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Lara Croft is coming to Dead By Daylight

From its humble beginnings as an homage to classic horror films and icons, Dead by Daylight has become a franchise in and of itself – seeing a ton of famous horror IPs collab with the asymmetrical multiplayer title. That said, there have been an equal number of odd inclusions – from Attack on Titan to Nicolas Cage – and soon Lara Croft.

In a post published by Eurogamer (which has since been removed due to it going live prematurely), Behaviour Interactive revealed that the next hero to weather the horror will be Lara Croft, saying:

“Lara Croft has survived expeditions few would dare attempt, locked eyes with death and lived to tell the tale… Now, she must face yet again a dark adventure shrouded in Fog.”

The description continues, “With her experiences and skill set, Lara Croft perfectly embodies the characteristics needed to survive in The Fog and is right at home in the world of Dead by Daylight alongside other iconic characters. Though she may be well-prepared for the Trials ahead, in the Entity's twisted world, the future is never promised.”

According to the report, Lara Croft is set to arrive on the 16th of July, with some form of public test taking place ahead of this.

While the surprise may have been spoiled somewhat, it is interesting and exciting nonetheless to see Lara Croft of all people coming to Dead by Daylight.

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