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This fan-made Tomb Raider short film is pretty damn good

The Tomb Raider series and its hero Lara Croft, hasn’t been at its peak since the 90s, but has seen nice jumps in critical acclaim and popularity with the release of certain games, perhaps most notably the latest one. Even though Square Enix didn’t feel like it made enough, most reviewers and gamers liked the grittier and more vulnerable Lara Croft. That sort of heroine didn’t really feature in the two movies starring Angelina Jolie, but she does in this short-fan-film, titled simply: Croft.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnQTW9V61jo’]

It’s a little more than a quick five minutes one, so set aside a bit of time for it and give it it’s due, as it’s a lot better than most fan-made shorts out there, featuring pretty high production values and some decent action sequences.

Dual pistols, while wonderfully impractical in-reality, have to feature in a Tomb Raider film

Made by a “few friends,” who have a passion for Miss Croft and her skills. If you’d like to learn more about them or the making of the film, there’s a Facebook page here.

KitGuru Says: It feels great to be watching something well made with Lara in it again. There’s also a flying drop kick-kill in this video. That alone puts this film over the top

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