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Amazon sold 426 items per second leading up to Christmas

Christmas time is always incredibly busy for retailers but when it comes to online retailers, there’s a lot more people in the shop at once. Amazon has just proven this as it revealed that in the weeks leading up to the 25th of December, it started to sell 426 items every second.

On Cyber Monday alone, Amazon managed to shift 36.8 million items which was a step up from last year’s 26.5 million. Prime memberships also broke new ground with more than 1 million sign ups in the third week of December. Amazon’s Kindle Fire consistently topped sales charts too although there aren’t any hard numbers to back that up, but it’s clear that the company is making enough to keep making new tablets.

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While we’re acknowledging the retailer’s achievements for the year, we should point out that its video on demand service has also grown significantly. Around 10 million Prime memebers now have access to 40,000 movies and TV episodes, with Amazon getting exclusive rights to shows such as Downton Abbey and Justified. Obviously Amazon’s constantly improving video service is being pushed in an effort to catch up to the streaming giant, Netflix. The company is even planning new original series coupled with 4K streams next year. it’s first original series, Alpha House, did receive some favourable reviews although it wasn’t as critically acclaimed as offerings from Neflix, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

KitGuru Says: Amazon is focusing on becoming the jack of all trades at the moment, it offers significantly lower prices than some retailers, it’s testing out drones to replace delivery men, it has a series of Kindle tablets and it offers its own streaming service with original content. 

Source: The Verge

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