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YouTube Live improves latency and adds native iOS support

YouTube has gone through many changes lately, from updating its logo and redesigning its interface last week to updating its livestreaming service today. YouTube Live is being overhauled, with low-latency streaming that mimics real time and the ability to directly stream from Apple’s mobile products. YouTube Gaming previously had the …

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Kickstarter officially buys up livestreaming partner

Huzza, the livestreaming company that Kickstarter partnered with to launch its Kickstarter Live platform in November 2016, has now become an official subsidiary of the crowd funding company. This will lead to the creation of a new international Kickstarter office, and Huzza management will now handle Kickstarter Live directly. Kickstarter …

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Data-free music streaming breaches law, rules Dutch regulator

Offering a music streaming service to consumers which doesn’t use up their data package, has been ruled as a violation of net-neutrality laws, by a Dutch regulatory body. It claims that the service offered by T-Mobile in The Netherlands, is anti-competitive and must be stopped immediately. The Dutch Consumer and …

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Live streaming services now tailoring content to their users


As video on demand services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video continue to expand their user bases, live streaming services like Hulu, DirecTV and Sling are looking to combat the trend by better personalising their services to consumers. Using data on who’s watching what and when, the companies are looking to …

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Xbox One Oculus Rift streaming mode coming soon


The Oculus Rift will soon be able to support streaming games from the Xbox One, in a cinema-mode that puts the user in front of a giant virtual screen. That means the games themselves won’t be automatically turned into VR experiences, but you can play them in a variety of …

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Periscoping Olympics fans hit with takedown notices from IOC


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is forgoing its usual peer to peer attacks this time around and instead is focusing on live streams. It’s having particular difficulty with halting those who are rebroadcasting footage from the games via Periscope, but it’s sending out hundreds of takedown notices anyway. As much …

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Twitch is swallowing up the entire Curse brand


Amazon owned Twitch is looking to expand its reach in the gaming world, with the acquisition of Curse, a brand of websites, multimedia channels and applications. This gives Twitch control of a number of popular websites, which together bring in over 30 million visitors a month – giving it excellent …

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Netflix is stalling overseas: pricing and content blamed

Netflix might be a global powerhouse in the online streaming game, but its major success still lies in the U.S., where its content is richest and its pricing is competitive. Elsewhere in the world though, where that isn’t always the case, it’s growth is stuttering. Last week it was reported …

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Facebook to take on Snapchat with in-development camera app

Ever since Snapchat turned down Facebook’s $3 billion acquisition offer in mid-2013, the social network has been hankering for its own share of the Snapchat pie. Evidently it’s now decided that: if you can’t join them, beat them, as Facebook is said to be working on a photo sharing app …

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Netflix insists its VPN blockade isn’t hurting business

It has been a few months since Netflix officially announced that it would be taking a harder stance against VPN users and those trying to circumvent geographical content restrictions. This has been a fairly controversial move but apparently, it isn’t having an effect at all on the company’s pocket. During …

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What caused the latest Netflix stock slump?

Netflix might be the world’s most popular streaming service, but that doesn’t mean that everything is rosy at the company. Indeed after announcing its first quarter earnings, investors have shown their usual level of (in)stability and have sent shares crashing down more than 10 per cent in extended trading. These …

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Live surgery to be performed in VR this afternoon

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to perform surgery to remove cancerous tissue from a patient’s bowel, today is the day to find out. All you need is a decent internet connection, a willing mind and a virtual reality headset. This is the first operation ever streamed in 360 …

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Netflix price-hike won’t grandfather you in

If you’ve been a Netflix subscriber for a number of years, you’ve likely taken advantage of the fact that as prices were changed and options added, you were grandfathered in at the lower price point. That’s not going to happen this time around though, as the latest Netflix price change …

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Razer launches Ripsaw gaming capture device

Streaming and gameplay recording has grown increasingly popular over the years and while this is fairly straight forward to do on the PC, capturing console footage can be a bit trickier. However, Razer believes it has the solution and is throwing its hat into the capture card ring with the …

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Apple loses video streaming patent suit in Germany

Apple is in and out of the court room with lawsuits constantly and while most of the time the company can work its way out of tough situations, this week Apple lost in a video streaming patent case in Germany to OpenTV. Back in 2014, OpenTV filed a lawsuit against …

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