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New DDR5 memory overclock record sets the bar at 10,022MHz

Lately, professional overclockers have started to push beyond the 10K MHz mark on DDR5 memory. After MSI's team set the first +10,000MHz record, Gigabyte quickly followed, setting a new DDR5 memory speed record at 10,022MHz. According to HWBot, the new record was achieved by Gigabyte's professional overclocker, “HiCookie”. The overclocker …

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Indian space agency breaks satellite launch record

The Indian Space Research Organisation has broken the world record for launching simultaneous satellites into orbit around the Earth. Taking off in the early hours of this morning, the Polar Satellite Launch vehicle PSLV-C37 hauled 104 satellites out of the Earth's atmosphere. Three satellites were for Indian use, while the other …

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A decade on, the Kings of Kong are very different


Somehow nearly a decade has passed since the original release of celebrated, retro-gaming documentary, The King of Kong and the landscape of top-tier Donkey Kong gamers is very different today. Not only has the world record been raised to monumental heights since then, but the two champions of the film, …

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Adobe breaks revenue records on cloud strength


Adobe has managed to increase its annual revenue to near $6 billion, an overall rise of some 22 per cent year on year. Quarterly net income is said to be at record setting levels also, thanks to rapid growth in its digital media segment, and expansion of its Creative Cloud …

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Apple’s profits break all records for all companies ever

If you thought Apple was rich before, having the biggest, most financially settled company in the world, think again, as this year has eclipsed all others that came before it. In-fact it's eclipsed every single company's most profitable year ever, netting the fruity firm a staggering $53.4 billion (£35 billion). …

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GTA V lands on PC, editor impresses

Over a year and a half since its original release, Grand Theft Auto V has finally launched on the PC. It's brought with it a number of changes like improved visuals – even more so than the new-gen console update – and its own benchmarking tool for those that want to make …

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Apple has posted the biggest quarterly profit in history

Apple has managed to break several records this week with its first fiscal quarter earnings report of the year, managing to post the biggest quarterly profit of any company ever in history. Over the last several months, Apple managed to generate a profit of $18 billion. This beat out the previous …

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G. Skill breaks DDR4 OC record

G.Skill is no stranger to breaking new ground when it comes to memory speed world records, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that it's done that once again, this time smashing the DDR4 world record with a frequency of 4255MHz. Unlike some previous records however, this wasn't …

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