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Overclocker sets new benchmark record with two EPYC CPUs and a pickup truck

Yet another overclocking record has been broken. This time around, the DogFace team is making headlines, after packing an AMD EPYC-powered system onto the back of a pickup truck and then benchmarking it, setting a new record in the y-cruncher benchmark. 

Over at StorageReview, the team behind the new world record gives us some context for the setup. Using two EcoFlow Delta Pro batteries and the -3ºC ambient temperature of Cincinnati during the afternoon, the team was able to tackle y-cruncher's 10 billion and 1 billion Pi calculations tests in record times using two air-cooled AMD EPYC 9654 processors.

Image credit: Storage Review

The system's power consumption hovered between 400W and 1100W, which was not a problem for the two high-capacity batteries that could deliver up to 7200W of power. The battery life of these units is also impressive. After two hours of testing, they were still left with 89% of the charge.

According to the hwbot entry, StorageReview AI researcher, chief lab pillager and writer Jordan Ranous (aka DogFace) was able to complete the 10 billion calculations test in 64.794 seconds, beating LinusTechTips' record by just over 16 seconds. As for the 1 billion calculations test result, it completed it in 7.722 seconds, making it the fastest 192-core platform to complete the test and the second fastest overall.

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KitGuru says: We have to admit that using the low ambient temperature of the outdoors was a smart move. We wouldn't be surprised to see a few others trying similar tactics in the race for overclocking records. 

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