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Toyota gives away fuel cell technology patents

A monopoly that you can't get in trouble for, is just about the golden dream of every giant corporation out there. If you have no competition, you have free reign with release schedules, pricing and many other aspects of development. However, a monopoly is useless if the market isn't there …

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Toyota set to sell first hydrogen car in 2015

Hydrogen fuel cells have always been seen as the big future tech that's vaguely going to come about some time in the next few decades and it's been that way for a long time. Whether you're remembering Keanu and Mr Freeman's Chain Reaction, or have ever read into the complexity …

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BMW gets in electric bed with Toyota

Walking along the streets of Belfast, you are constantly reminded that this is where Back To The Future's super electric DeLorean car was assembled. While no one is expecting time travel any time soon, we're definitely moving into a world of electric dreams. BMW had dreams of its own, which …

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