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GTA V lands on PC, editor impresses

Over a year and a half since its original release, Grand Theft Auto V has finally launched on the PC. It's brought with it a number of changes like improved visuals – even more so than the new-gen console update – and its own benchmarking tool for those that want to make sure they have the settings just right for their system; or just want to impress others with the numbers it can pump out.


Beyond just looking pretty thought, GTA V for the PC also comes with a new feature called the Rockstar Editor, which lets players record, edit and share videos from GTA V single player and online multiplayer. Recording is enabled with the press of a key, or if you do something cool unexpectedly, you can press the instant replay button and watch back the last 30 seconds of gameplay, at any time.

Better yet, there's filters, camera modes and depth of field adjustment options for making that shot of you playing the online anarchy simulator into a fully fledged movie if you want. That's what some people have been doing, like 8bitbastard, who made this little movie called, Running Man. [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ITAnNzj-zg']

The people behind it were commissioned to make this by Rockstar however, which means they've had a little longer to play with it than the rest of us. Still, it's a good proof of concept, so it will be interesting to see what people are able to come up with in the months ahead.

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KitGuru Says: I bet more than one of you took work/school off to play this today, didn't you? 

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  1. Leave it downloading overnight… tries to install steam update… only 132MB left on my SSD, i cri


  3. What’s your issue?

  4. ★❦★❦I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak18:



  5. download it first on a large HDD then move it across when it’s installed.. I had the same problem.

  6. I click play, the fans start up then nothing at all happens. I think its a mobile Nvidea GPU issue. Running i7, 16gb RAM and gtx 675m

  7. found a fix. disable graphics card in device manager, start game then quickly re enable . works perfectly.

  8. I assume you’ve forced it to run off the nvidia gpu instead of the Intel one?

  9. yes there is obviously a compatibility issue. You just need to trick it into starting the the Nvidea.

  10. Yeah its a big issue they are having at the moment.

  11. Should be able to change a setting in the nvidia control panel to make the game use the nvidia card. I mean there may be issues beyond that, like there were with dead rising 3, but if not, that should sort it out.

  12. Yup, what I had to do.
    Thought 66GB was enough… wrong.
    Need to get another HDD for Steam x’D

  13. Beards grow fast on GTA V!

  14. There another fix, go to your bios setting and disable integrated graphics…

  15. Thanks Julio

  16. You’re Welcome, i got this problem some years ago and since i fixed it that way i thought it would be a helping hand for you….

  17. Buying myself a secondary SSD for my GTA V and other games