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Take-Two is suing the BBC over Rockstar drama/documentary

Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, is taking legal action against The BBC, in response to a dramatized documentary that the network has been developing, following the upstart of Rockstar Games and the creation of Grand Theft Auto, supposedly in an attempt to encourage young people to get in to programming. It …

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GTA V lands on PC, editor impresses

Over a year and a half since its original release, Grand Theft Auto V has finally launched on the PC. It’s brought with it a number of changes like improved visuals – even more so than the new-gen console update – and its own benchmarking tool for those that want to make …

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Rockstar downgrades GTA San Andreas on PC

To mark the ten year anniversary of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PC, the developer has decided to downgrade the Steam version of the game. Users that update will find support for higher resolutions gone (such as 1080p), 17 songs have been removed, old save files are …

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GTA is the biggest entertainment product ever

If you’ve been keeping even a lazy eye on the gaming press headlines for the past couple of weeks, you’ll have noticed that GTA V has been kind of a big deal. It’s been hyped, raised controversy, but most crucially for Rockstar and its publisher Take Two, it’s sold a …

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Get a limited edition GTA made me do it TShirt

If like many of our readers, you found the latest round of bad press sent gaming (and specifically GTA’s) way by the British tabloids, you might want to pick up this limited edition “GTA made me do it,” TShirt, currently available over at Teespring. “They say video games make us …

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Grand Theft Auto helps little indie stores too

While often times with big franchises, you hear mostly about big chain stores or online retail giants benefiting the most from huge releases, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has a history of supporting the smaller companies and those same companies support Rockstar and its games in turn. With the release …

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Rockstar wants retailers to delay shipping GTA V

In an effort to prevent people getting their hands on GTA V before it’s official release date, Rockstar has asked retailers to delay shipping the game until the day before: 16th September. UK retailer GAME however, has said that while it will abide by the shipping request, it will begin …

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You guys really want GTA V on PC huh?

Can’t say I blame you either, as that’s the platform I want to play it on too. Unfortunately, Rockstar has yet to announce any news of the fifth game in the series appearing on the platform that started its career back with GTA One and two. However, a large number …

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Live action GTA V trailer in the works

Some images have shown up online for a supposed live-action trailer of Rockstar’s upcoming GTA V game, featuring crashed cars, destroyed environments and all the sort of mayhem you’d expect from a game in the GTA series – apart from cops getting shot with rocket launchers that is. The following …

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GTA 5 unveiling tells us a lot

Game Informer

GTA 5 had its big debut yesterday, with a lot of new information coming out in the latest issue of Game Informer. Dan Houser, one of the co-founders of the GTA series, Dan Houser, explained that the new game would involve heists, multiple playable characters and that each of them …

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The Business: More GTA V screenshots

GTA V The Business

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s more relaxed looking GTA V screens, featuring tennis courts, parachuting and the sheer beauty of the natural world Rockstar looks to have created for its next Grand Theft Auto title, we have four new screengrabs that showcase scenes with a little more focus on …

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