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GTA 6 targeting Holiday 2024 release according to leaker

We have long known that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development and while Rockstar Games themselves have yet to officially announce the game, last year saw a huge data breach leak a bunch of in-development GTA 6 footage. With GTA V nearing its 10th anniversary, many fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement and release of the game’s sequel. According to one insider however, we may be waiting for almost 2 more years.

The Rockstar-focused industry insider Tez2 recently took to the GTA Forums to offer an update on the development of Grand Theft Auto 6, saying (as shared by Twitter page ‘GTA6Intel’):

“Their aimed-always-changing-not-set-in-stone deadline is holiday 2024. Which has been pushed back multiple times the past few years. Unfortunately, it could slip into early 2025 as well.”

Offering their own editorial on the matter, Tez2 claimed that “I personally see an announcement as a given this year. I don't think the upper management is in a position to delay further to holiday 2025/2026. Cutting more portions of the game to package into DLCs to release later on may be [more] sustainable for management than delaying further.”

There is no denying that when GTA 6 does finally release it will be an industry-breaking event and so Rockstar have certainly earned as much time as they need in order to ensure that the next GTA is up to the series’ standard of quality. All that said, the wait for GTA 6 is more and more painful each day, and so hopefully we do see an official announcement this year.

KitGuru says: What do you think of these leaks? When do you think GTA 6 will be announced and released? Let us know down below.

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