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The GTA franchise has officially sold over 400 million copies

10 years on from its initial release and GTA V is still going strong, with millions of new players purchasing the game every single Quarter. Take-Two Interactive have now shared their latest fiscal reports, revealing that the franchise as a whole has now surpassed 400 million copies sold.

As part of Take-Two Interactive’s most recent fiscal earnings report (and collated by industry analyst DomsPlaying), the holding company shared updated sales figures on some of its biggest titles – namely GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

With 5 million additional sales since the last Quarter, GTA V is now officially at 180 million copies sold-in. This helps the game to maintain its position as the second-best selling game of all time (only behind Minecraft). What’s more, Take-Two revealed that in total the GTA franchise has now sold over 400 million copies – meaning GTA V has shifted nearly as many copies as the rest of the series combined.

In looking at Red Dead Redemption 2, the company shared that the 2018 title has now sold-in over 53 million copies (up 3 million since last Quarter), putting the Red Dead Redemption duology at over 75 million copies shipped in total.

With how many units GTA V in particular continues to sell, it will be interesting to see what figure the game is at when GTA VI eventually releases – whenever that may be (2024 perhaps?).

KitGuru says: What do you think of GTA V? 10 years on, are you still a fan? Will GTA V surpass 200 million copies sold? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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