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Notch debunks Minecraft Wii U rumour

The rumour had a good run but it’s over now, Notch has officially debunked the Minecraft Wii U rumour although, he does agree that the game would be a good fit for the console.

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Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 15.21.16

A Wii U version isn’t completely off the cards forever but right now Notch and the Minecraft team have bigger fish to fry.

The proposed Wii U port was said to have a focus on the console’s gamepad which would have been cool but it’s not on the radar for now. If the game was to come out though, I’m sceptical on how well it would do since everyone who cares has probably played the game by now. Aside from that, the consoles have pretty limited versions of Minecraft as the maps do eventually end where as on the PC it constantly generates more blocks. Not many third party games receive DLC on the Wii U either, which means owners could end up being stuck with vanilla gameplay with no additional texture packs or character skins.

KitGuru Says: At least Notch <3’s Nintendo, that makes everything okay. I stopped playing Minecraft some time ago now, how many of you guys still play?

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  1. I stopped playing quite a long time ago. I was playing from the first Beta version but eventually i just felt that Minecraft almost lost it’s sense of simplicity. Once it started adding horses and strange things like that, and then revamped the redstone system, I drifted away from it. My attention was grabbed in turn by Terraria, and more recently, Starbound. Not to mention that 90% of my gaming time is taken up by failing inordinately at soloq in League of Legends, whatever remainder of my time is left is taken up with Starbound at the moment.