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Dell is launching a 55-inch and an 86-inch 4K monitor

We have been aware of Microsoft’s massive 84-inch Surface Hub for quite some time now, turning the Surface from a tiny tablet into a huge PC. Now, it looks like Dell is looking to do something similar as the company just recently unveiled two new huge 4K touchscreen monitors, sitting …

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The first Ultra-HD Blu-ray PC disc drive has arrived

PC users have been getting accustomed to Ultra-HD monitors for several years now, long before 4K TVs started getting popular. However, getting 4K video content has been a bit tricky, there are some streaming options available but nothing that can quite match the quality of a physical Blu-Ray. Fortunately, soon …

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Philips debuts 40inch curved, 4K monitor


If you like to sit a little back from your monitor, or just prefer one giant screen to a couple of smaller ones, Philips new monster 4K display could be right up your street. The 40 inch panel has a gentle curve to it and features very high contrast ratios …

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Nvidia Shield Android TV Review

While set-top streaming boxes are a fairly saturated marketplace, most of these boxes don’t take aim at gamers with powerful enough hardware. However, this is not the case with the Nvidia Shield Android TV, a sleek and small streaming box powered by the Tegra X1 20nm SoC, which utilises the Maxwell …

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The first UHD Blu-Ray player has arrived early

The first Blu-Ray player designed to play back Ultra-HD/4K content has hit the market a little earlier than expected. Samsung’s upcoming player was first revealed at CES 2016 and would make this year’s first batch of UHD Blu-Rays playable on the 4K TVs that have flooded the market in the …

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