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Meet the owner of the new Silk Road – DPR2

If you’ve followed the story of the tor accessible marketplace Silk Road, you’ll know all about its closure last year and the arrest of the alleged owner, Ross Ulbricht. However it didn’t take long after that initial shut down for other sites to take its place, one of them being …

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Silkroad founder teaching Yoga in prison

Ross Ulbricht, the man who the authorities claim went by the name of Dread Pirate Roberts and founded and administrated the tor-accessible drugs marketplace, Silk Road, has begun teaching a yoga class in prison, with around five other inmates sitting in on his sessions. This news came from the official …

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Silkroad’s DPR 2.0 enters ‘exile’

The administrator of the second iteration of drug marketplace Silkroad, Dread Pirate Roberts, (DPR) has entered “exile” according to another of the site’s admins, DefCon, who in a lengthy blog post over the weekend talked about the problems that was causing, as well as the solutions his team had come …

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Three more arrested in Silk Road case

Ross Ulbricht might be the alleged captain of the now sunken ship that is the Silk Road drugs marketplace (well, there is version 2.0) but he wasn’t the only one that worked on it. Now another three have been linked with Ulbricht and have been charged with money laundering. The …

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SilkRoad drug marketplace rises from the ashes

It’s only taken about a month, but on top of original competitor sites scooping up big handfuls of old members, Silk Road has returned in its 2.0 form, bringing with it some simple changes, but largely sticking to the formula in the hope of bringing back old vendors and customers …

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