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Silkroad founder teaching Yoga in prison

Ross Ulbricht, the man who the authorities claim went by the name of Dread Pirate Roberts and founded and administrated the tor-accessible drugs marketplace, Silk Road, has begun teaching a yoga class in prison, with around five other inmates sitting in on his sessions.

This news came from the official Free Ross Facebook page, currently run by his parents and family, who explained that: “He had a book by Iyengar outlining a 300 week course and started doing it, in a glassed off room they have, in an area with some rugs.

“He was joined by five other inmates, and the group is slowly growing.”


The family has also begun reaching out for defence fund donations and for books to send Ulbricht to help pass his time until the trial. If you want to send the man a favourite book of yours, you can do so at this address:

P.O. BOX 329002

KitGuru Says: Supposedly Mr Ulbricht is also moving to a new cell soon with a window, so whether he ran Silkroad or not, he'll be able to start working on tanning up that nerd-pallor. 

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