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Ross Ulbricht appeal kicks off with attack on corrupt feds

Convicted Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht has served a year of his double-life sentence without parole, but is now getting the chance to appeal his original conviction. The first step on that road is a big one too, as his legal team submitted a 140+ page document requesting the original trial …

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Silk Road investigating agent given 71 months in jail

As much as the judge may have thrown the book at accused Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, handing him a life-sentence for running the dark-net marketplace, some would argue that the corrupt secret service agents working the case deserve worse. The second of them has now been sentenced however and has been …

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Silk Road founder to face sentencing

The trial of Ross Ulbricht has been ongoing for well over a year at this point, with lawyers from both sides going back and forth in an attempt to prove and disprove that he was the founder and administrator of the Silk Road Drug marketplace. Now though, with him being found guilty …

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Want to buy 50,000 Bitcoins?

Bitcoins sale

In a rare opportunity, thanks to the United States Marshals Service and Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road fame, you are now able to bid on 50,000 seized Bitcoins. These Bitcoins are currently worth around £7.7 million (or $11.9 million USD) and were seized from Ulbricht when the feds snatched his laptop away from him in a San …

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Alternate Silk Road owner evidence ruled inadmissable

The defence of Ross Ulbricht during his ongoing court case for owning and operating the Tor accessible drug marketplace, Silk Road, was dealt a blow yesterday, when evidence from an agent with the department of homeland security (DHS) that claimed Ulbricht was a fall guy, was ruled inadmissible by the …

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Silkroad 2 hack turns vendors into dealers

The history of online drug marketplaces, darknet markets, tor markets, however you want to term them, has been a rocky one. While the original Silkroad had a very long run, it was eventually downed by old fashioned police work, then its successors fell to hacks, scams and exponential growth and …

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Silkroad founder teaching Yoga in prison

Ross Ulbricht, the man who the authorities claim went by the name of Dread Pirate Roberts and founded and administrated the tor-accessible drugs marketplace, Silk Road, has begun teaching a yoga class in prison, with around five other inmates sitting in on his sessions. This news came from the official …

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Three more arrested in Silk Road case

Ross Ulbricht might be the alleged captain of the now sunken ship that is the Silk Road drugs marketplace (well, there is version 2.0) but he wasn't the only one that worked on it. Now another three have been linked with Ulbricht and have been charged with money laundering. The …

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