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Star Citizen developer hires fan video maker

Star Citizen it's just the biggest crowd funded project ever, but it's also garnering a seriously rabid fan base around it, with early backers already thinking ahead to what the game will be like at full release. Some fans have even been making videos using some of the few assets that have been released by the developers, one of which has proven to be so good, that Roberts Space Industries (RSI) has offered the creator a job.

In the video, AnythingFPS cut in characters taking part in the night shift on a Constellation starship, getting food and sitting in the captain's chair – all with some lovely lighting effects to go with it. [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nZmzWu39mY']

This ultimately led to the job offer, which has presumably taken AnythingFPS a while to respond to, since on top of the email he received from RSI, there's also a comment on the video that reads: “Anything FPS – please email us at HR at cloud imperium games dot com – I would like to see if you might like to join us in the verse – all the best – Eric Wingman Peterson.”

Mr Peterson also reached out in a recent video, saying again – AnythingFPS, please get in touch.

KitGuru Says: This gets me thinking. I wonder if Roberts Space Industries needs a writer? [Thanks PCGamesN]

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