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Cosmos SE finally ready to land

Anyone who's owned one of Cooler Master's awesome Cosmos chassis will, at some point, have wondered why they didn't make a smaller one. One that would fit easily into any space. Well, with the launch of the Cosmos SE, that wait is over. We're happy. If a chassis won't take …

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Asus firms up 4K future

As you all know, KitGuru has been tracking the move toward affordable 4K very closely over the past 12 months. With a series of price drops and product launches, the magic moment when you can buy a 4K TV for less than £1,500 is edging closer. Asus wants to deliver …

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Computex: BeQuiet uncables in the PowerZone

While the cool and quiet options from BeQuiet have grabbed a lot of headlines in recent times, the company still has the ability to create some very powerful, high-end PSUs. Here's a quick look at something called PowerZone. PowerZone from Be Quiet is pitched to be the ultimate rugged PSU. …

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Computex: Antec launches wireless AMP speakers

As part of the company's on-going expansion into new markets, the Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P) division has been busy with a range of brand new consumer electronics and audio technology. The latest launch from this team includes brand new A.M.P. speaker modules. KitGuru puts it ear to the ground to …

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Computex: Phanteks exposes the Enthoo Primo to KitGuru

Knocking Noctua off top spot was a tough ask. Many tried. Most failed. Phanteks succeeded in delivering a new ‘ultimate CPU cooling solution' and they deserve kudos for that. Now the Phanteks engineers have applied their digital kung-fu to the issue of creating the perfect chassis. In the VIP suite …

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Computex: Plextor SSD goes from Fast to Furious

Plextor has always been about quality and durability when it comes to storage. In the past it was always about media readers for disks and CDs, but over the last several years they have expanded to SSD's, under the ‘PLDS' (Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions) umbrella. That's all good, but …

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