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Computex: Antec launches wireless AMP speakers

As part of the company’s on-going expansion into new markets, the Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P) division has been busy with a range of brand new consumer electronics and audio technology. The latest launch from this team includes brand new A.M.P. speaker modules. KitGuru puts it ear to the ground to hear the sound of distant thunder. 

At only 6 inches in length, the most powerful SP3 is designed to bring powerful audio to mobile lifestyles. The SP3 by A.M.P. offers music lovers a feature filled portable speaker at an economical price.  Integrated dBs1TM driver technology delivers a powerful bass experience while Bluetooth HD technology provides 33 feet of wireless connectivity. In addition to amazing audio, the SP3 contains a rechargeable battery for 8 hours of continuous playback, and instantly receives speakerphone calls at the touch of a button.

SP3 - handbag or speaker?
SP3 – handbag or speaker?

The model SPzero offers premium audio quality in a smaller, portable form factor. With eight hours of playtime and measuring only 86 mm x 57 mm x 94 mm (3.4 in x 2.2 in x 3.7), the SPzero allows music enthusiasts to move with their media. The SPzero pairs with any smartphone, laptop, or media player to create an audio experience to share with anyone, anywhere. Integrated dBs1TM high-response driver technology delivers powerful bass in a compact and portable size. In addition to phenomenal sound quality, the SPzero is capable of expanding its acoustic capability with a Daisy Chain Function which allows users to connect multiple SPzeros via auxiliary port. A.M.P’s SPzero also contains a speakerphone function for conference calls at the touch of a button.

Looks like a detonator - with volume ready to explode
Looks like a detonator – with volume ready to explode

With the ever expanding tablet and smartphone landscape, the SP1+ is the definitive portable solution that allows you to play your music on the go with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The SP1+ portable Bluetooth speaker uses dBs1tm technology to bring stunning hi-fi audio in a small and portable package. It also contains an internal microphone for speakerphone functionality which activates at the touch of a button.  This extension of the A.M.P portable speaker line includes features such as tap-to-pair NFC and dual connection. Simply pair your device with the SP1+ and get thirty feet (10m) of freedom. All you need to do is press play.

Ah yes, that's more traditional
Ah yes, that’s more traditional

KitGuru says: With these new A.M.P wireless speakers, it looks like Antec is determined to improve our mobile music experience. With its promise of easy pairing with any tablet, smartphone, laptop or media player – they are encouraging us to prepare to share music like never before.

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