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Genesis launches ARGB-equipped Helium 800 BT 2.1 speakers

Genesis is expanding its Helium speaker line-up this week, with the new Genesis Helium 800 BT 2.1 speakers. This ARGB speaker set includes two bookshelf speakers, accompanied by a dedicated subwoofer.  The Genesis Helium 800 BT is a 2.1 speaker set with 60W RMS power, and 100Hz – 20kHz frequency …

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Airpulse launches new A80 speakers with ribbon tweeters

Renowned audio engineer Phil Jones and AirPulse are teaming up again in 2021 with a new pair of speakers. The new Airpulse A80 offer a new entry-level price point without sacrificing quality. The Airpulse A80 speakers come loaded with the company's signature horn-loaded aluminium ribbon tweeter and a proprietary 4.5-inch …

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Apple patents design for super thin iPhone speakers

We have been hearing a lot about the iPhone 7 these last few weeks along with Apple's future plans for audio on its flagship smartphone. Following on from reports that Apple is set to kill off the 3.5mm headphone jack to save space, a patent has been uncovered showing off …

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Sound based tractor beam could create next-gen. holograms

Sound waves have long been postulated as a potential avenue for movie-like tractor beam technology, as it's been possible on a small scale to levitate objects or droplets of water using a pair of speakers or a single set and a reflector. Now though, scientists have been able to achieve …

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Google Cast speaks to your speakers

Google Cast

Today Google announced a new feature called Cast, building upon its existing Chromecast technology. Where Chromecast is specifically for sending video between devices, Cast is going to be used for playing music to compatible speaker systems. It will be possible to send audio from Android, iPhone and iPad devices as well as from the …

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LG’s new wireless speakers know when you are nearby

LG H4 Portable

LG revealed some of it's upcoming “Music Flow” wireless speakers today and while not available until after CES 2015, if you are looking for some cable free music, you might want to hold off for now. There are three versions in the range so far: the battery-powered  Model H4 Portable, the Model HS7 …

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Edifier 980T 2.0 speakers review

Not everyone has the budget for huge 7.1 surround sound kits. So what can you get towards the lower end of the spectrum? How about a pair of Edifier 980T speakers with full MDF frames and a specially formulated bass reflex port on each? At £50, they might be just what …

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Razer announces Leviathan 5.1 Surround Soundbar

Razer has officially announced its latest product, the Leviathan, a 5.1 Surround Soundbar featuring two 2.5 Inch drivers, two 0.74 Inch tweeters and a separate subwoofer unit. The Leviathan will take input from analog and digital optical sources such as consoles, blu-ray players, set top boxes as well as PCs. …

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Microlab Solo 8C Stereo Speakers review

Today we are looking at one of Microlab's high grade speaker systems- The Solo 8c. These speakers promise to deliver powerful, clear sound quality with an appearance to suit placement on a desk or as a part of a home entertainment set up. We've reviewed cheaper offerings from Microlab in …

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