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Gear4 StreetParty 5 Portable Speakers / iPod/iPhone Dock Review

Rating: 7.0.

Sometimes, the basic speakers on a mobile device just don't offer the performance that many users desire. Instances such as this are exactly where portable speaker docks prove their worth. Can Gear4's portable StreetParty5 speaker dock generate impressive music playback performance?

For many people, the speakers connected to a computer or home cinema system are the go-to device when high-volume music playback is required. But with the booming popularity of mobile devices, and streaming services that make it easier than ever to listen to music via a mobile phone or tablet, speaker docks have a clear segment in the audio market.

Built for use with Apple's Lightning connector-equipped mobile devices, Gear4's StreetParty5 is a mains- and battery-powered portable speaker dock with a modern appearance.

With a name like StreetParty, we are hoping that Gear4 has created a worthwhile addition to the portable audio market.



  • Powered By: Mains or 4x AA batteries.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 140 x 241 x 36mm.
  • Weight: 580g.

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