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Gear4 StreetParty 5 Portable Speakers / iPod/iPhone Dock Review

Gear4 has created the StreetParty 5 dock with an attractive design. I am a fan of the modern appearance and all-black colour with the exception of Gear4’s logo.

A plastic speaker-style mesh is present on the entire front side of the StreetParty 5, along with a small section which is allocated to the flip-out dock itself.

The two-tier flip out dock is formed of a rectangular piece of plastic that helps to balance the product, and a connection equipped with Apple’s Lightning connector. We can confirm that, as well as iPhones and iPods, Apple’s iPad tablet is able to fit and balance on the dock, although small sections of the speaker drivers are blocked.


At just 36mm-thick at its deepest point, the StreetParty 5 is a sleek and easy-to-carry system. Curving the speaker mesh around to the side of the dock helps to enhance the unit’s aesthetic appeal.

dock_rear   gear4-logo-and-inputs

A high-gloss finish gives the StreetParty 5 dock’s rear side a shiny appearance. The surface catches fingerprints and scratches very easily, the latter of which could be a big problem given the product’s intentions of being used as a portable system. Gear4 embosses its company logo into the rear surface.

A basic rectangular stand folds out by 270 degrees from the dock’s front side and provides the structure with deceivingly good balance.

A power switch, 3.5mm audio input and DC power input are located on the rear side.


Two battery compartments are used on the StreetParty 5, one towards the rear side’s bottom-right corner and one in the bottom-left.

Sliding off the plastic cover reveals space for a pair of AA batteries in each compartment. The cover can then be replaced to maintain the rear side’s uniform appearance.


A basic volume strip features a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ section that allows volume to be increased and decreased one step at a time, or in a more rapid manner when held down.


A blue light gives an indication that the StreetParty 5 speaker dock is powered on.

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