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Amazon fires volley at Microsoft, Google, unveils Echo Show

Following hot on the heels of the Cortana-powered Harman-Kardon Invoke soft launch, Amazon has announced the imminent release of the Echo Show, a digital home assistant-slash-display with integrated Dolby-certified speakers. Amazon’s new device builds on the Alexa assistant and adds a number of new features. This will connect you with …

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Edifier CineSound B3 Soundbar Review

The Edifier CineSound B3 soundbar is designed to sit under (or above) your TV and deliver noticeably improved audio playback – when compared to your TV’s inbuilt speakers. However, it also offers Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to connect a phone, tablet or what-have-you and use it for general music playback, …

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Google Home to tackle Amazon Echo head on


Amazon may have made quite a splash with the launch of it Echo home speaker and voice recognition system, but it’s not the only one in the market. Google is expected to announce its Home device later today, which will offer comparable features but built on Google’s own architecture. The …

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Edifier Studio R2730DB Speaker Review

The Edifier Studio R2730DB Bluetooth speakers are aimed at those who want uncompromising audio quality, a range of connectivity options and appealing aesthetics – all without breaking the bank. The speakers certainly look good, but how do they perform? We will find out. Priced at just under £200, the Edifier …

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Divoom Voombox portable bluetooth speaker review

Today we are taking a look at the Divoom Voombox, a rugged portable speaker built to deal with rough conditions outdoors. It is a stereo speaker with bluetooth functionality, allowing you to pair up a phone, PC or laptop and to play music wirelessly. The Voombox is weather resistant with …

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Microlab B77 Speakers Review

Microlab is back with a new line of speaker systems for 2015. Today we are taking a look at the B-77 bookshelf stereo speakers, making them a bit smaller and more suited for desk use than the giant Solo 8C speakers we reviewed last year. Microlab impressed us greatly last …

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BenQ TreVolo Bluetooth speaker review

You have probably heard of BenQ before, the company has built a pretty solid reputation in the monitor market – but now, it is looking to take on audio as well. Today we are taking a look at the BenQ TreVolo portable Bluetooth speaker, a relatively high-end speaker that makes …

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TSST Handy Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Recently we have reviewed a few of Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology’s (TSST) portable charger accessories. Today we have a look at their portable bluetooth speaker, named Handy. Though not yet available in the UK, it will cost £34.99 – so is not the cheapest speaker set out there. We see …

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UE MEGABOOM launch shows off range, snow-resistance

Having recently spent a good week putting the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM bluetooth speaker through its paces, I half expected never to see one again – on to the next news and reviews. However UE had different plans and invited KitGuru and a number of other journalists to Milton Keynes last …

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Google Cast speaks to your speakers

Google Cast

Today Google announced a new feature called Cast, building upon its existing Chromecast technology. Where Chromecast is specifically for sending video between devices, Cast is going to be used for playing music to compatible speaker systems. It will be possible to send audio from Android, iPhone and iPad devices as well as from the …

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LG’s new wireless speakers know when you are nearby

LG H4 Portable

LG revealed some of it’s upcoming “Music Flow” wireless speakers today and while not available until after CES 2015, if you are looking for some cable free music, you might want to hold off for now. There are three versions in the range so far: the battery-powered  Model H4 Portable, the Model HS7 …

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Edifier 980T 2.0 speakers review

Not everyone has the budget for huge 7.1 surround sound kits. So what can you get towards the lower end of the spectrum? How about a pair of Edifier 980T speakers with full MDF frames and a specially formulated bass reflex port on each? At £50, they might be just what …

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Razer announces Leviathan 5.1 Surround Soundbar

Razer has officially announced its latest product, the Leviathan, a 5.1 Surround Soundbar featuring two 2.5 Inch drivers, two 0.74 Inch tweeters and a separate subwoofer unit. The Leviathan will take input from analog and digital optical sources such as consoles, blu-ray players, set top boxes as well as PCs. …

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LUXA2 GroovyW bluetooth speaker review

Mobile phones have become indispensable to most of us in recent years. What started as a mere communication tool has now blossomed into the way many of us consume information, through news, media and social interactions. However, one aspect of contemporary smartphones that cannot beat the traditional (speaker) solution, is their ability to produce …

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Wavemaster Moody 2.1 Speakers Review

The overwhelming audio preference among gamers is headsets. The ability to communicate while playing audio at serious volumes provides a tactical advantage without the need for constant complaints from friends and family. In this review, we’re taking on a set of speakers that is one level of ‘out loud’ above …

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