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Edifier’s Stanley Wen on upcoming launches, new earphones and microphones

KitGuru last caught up with Edifier back at CES 2020, where we got a look at what we can expect from the company this year. To give us some extra insight, we recently conducted an interview with Stanley Wen, Edifier's VP and director of R&D, to guide us through what's new from Edifier.

What is Edifier’s main focus for 2020/21?

1. Consolidate the existing achievements of Edifier TWS earbuds series;
2. Enhance the technology of Edifier's Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds;
3. Comprehensively improve the competitiveness of Edifier headphones and speakers

How big a market is TWS for Edifier, versus its traditional speakers?

The headphone market is more than 10 times the size of the speakers, and the TWS is now the largest in the headphone market.

What’s the benefit of ‘leaky’ TWS pods versus ones that seal?

The in-ear earphone with Air Leakage produces no ear pressure and is suitable for wearing for a long time. It also has Ambient Awareness, which is suitable for wider scenes than in-ear earphones.

It seems leaky earphones as a whole – not just TWS – over the last few years have been slowly been replaced by earphones that seal. Why bring back a ‘leaky’ earphone in 2020?

There is no possibility to replace the wearing style. Whether it can be in an absolute dominant position in the market still depends on other factors.

How is ANC affected by the ‘leaky’ design, as surely it is counter-acted by the open design?

The underlying logic of traditional noise cancellation is based on the “closed cavity”. The traditional electronic design of noise cancellation part is not suitable for the Air Leakage wearing form, if the design concept is completely different.

How do Edifier’s wireless microphones work and when can we expect them?

The wireless microphone will be more suitable for the interview /Vlog scenario, and the Crowdfunding of it is expected to start in the second half of the year.

Explain the technology behind the mic’s encryption, and why it is necessary.

The application itself is based on BLE link, which is encrypted, and our signal is encrypted again by AES, which not only protects the privacy of users, but also ensures the cooperation between our product and APP.

How is Edifier continuing to innovate with its speakers?

Based on our understanding of the “Usage Scenes” and the evolution of new technology trends.

How has speaker technology advanced over, say, the last 10 years – how (and why) will Edifier’s flagship from 2020 outperform its flagship from 2010?

In the past 10 years, there has been no essential progress in electro-acoustic conversion technology, and it was more about the enrichment of different Scene Application. We will continue to present the special electro-acoustic conversion technology, combining the Scenes and the technical environment, to show it with our own characteristics.

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KitGuru says: Let's hope we can get hands-on with the latest from Edifier very soon!

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