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MSI’s new RTX 4070 Ti Super BIOS tested – does it make a difference?

If you were following the launch of Nvidia's RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics card this week, you will likely have seen something about the MSI Ventus 3X and reports of a sub-par BIOS, with Nvidia themselves suggesting it was performing 5% below expectations. Not one, but two new BIOS revisions were sent to press during the review period, and today we've tested the latest version to see how much difference it really makes...

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Update on our Acer RTX 4090 article

This time last week, we published an article taking a close look at an Acer-branded liquid cooled RTX 4090 graphics card. Although not available standalone as the GPU can only be purchased as part of the Predator Orion X prebuilt, we took at look at the GPU itself and assessed …

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