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Computex: BeQuiet uncables in the PowerZone

While the cool and quiet options from BeQuiet have grabbed a lot of headlines in recent times, the company still has the ability to create some very powerful, high-end PSUs.
Here’s a quick look at something called PowerZone.

PowerZone from Be Quiet is pitched to be the ultimate rugged PSU.

KitGuru managed to get 1-on-1 with BeQuiet’s public relations guru, Aaron Licht. Aaron gave us an in-depth understanding of the effort involved in acquiring the exact rugged look which they believe appeals to their customers.

Gorgeous, subtle and rugged... and the BeQuiet PowerZone isn't bad either
Gorgeous, subtle and rugged… and the BeQuiet PowerZone isn’t bad either

According to Aaron, “The PowerZone PSU is 80 Bronze certified, bringing a balanced price point vs performance option”. In these tough economic times, we can understand why value is important.

So where does the chill-factor come from?

“The fan is a 135mm SilentWing fan”, said Aaron. “So it manages to cools effectively from just one side”.

Let’s get back to the cables, what makes this PSU special?

Aaron told us, “It is the first FULLY modular PSU from Be Quiet and gives case modders and PC builders precise cable options for the internal aspects of the PC building environment”.

What else?

“Interestingly, there are ports for three case fans which can run from the PSU itself and – in addition – the 3 minute cool down setting is back by popular demand”, said Aaron.

So, now for the key questions: What will the models be, when can we get them and how much will they charge?

“There will be several different models to choose from, including the 650W, 850W and 1000W versions”, said Aaron. “The regional street price is expected to be below 100 Euro when it launches in August 2013”.

BeQuiet's PowerZone 1000w fulfills many a girl's fantasy - being held gently in Aaron's smooth hands
BeQuiet’s PowerZone 1000w fulfills many a girl’s fantasy – being held gently in Aaron’s smooth hands

KitGuru says: We much appreciate Aaron taking the time to explain the BeQuiet move toward a completely cable free PowerZone.

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