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A wild MadCatz Android console appears

As if the lacklustre selling Wii U, upcoming next-gen systems from Microsoft and Sony, a very competitive PC market, the Ouya, Nvidia Shield and Gamer Stick consoles weren’t enough, Mad Catz is set to debut its own Android console in the coming few days, at the E3 conference.

Announced to investors during a call earlier this year, the little machine will be part of the GameSmart series of mobile accessories and will be compatible with a variety of other products produced by the peripheral maker.

“With our long history in the gaming industry, Mad Catz has the technical capability, product breadth, global distribution, and developer and publisher relationships that uniquely position our company to embark on this ambitious initiative,” company president and CEO Darren Richardson said while speaking with  GI International.

The console is said to be currently in the prototype state.

No word on what the internal hardware is, what the price point is, or when it will be released, though we do know it’s codenamed project M.O.J.O. It’s also been said that it should be able to make use of the Google Play store, which automatically gives it a much bigger and more impressive game library than rival Ouya.

KitGuru Says: The extra games could make the difference here. What do you guys think? 

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