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Razer is shutting down Ouya

A few years ago, there was a big push to bring Android into the living room as a competitive console offering. This resulted in a few different products, including Ouya, the MadCatz Mojo (which used the Ouya store) and the Razer Forge TV. Razer acquired Ouya back in 2015 and …

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Google working on its own gaming console, controller design appears online

There has been talk of Google releasing its own gaming console since as far back as 2013. Over the years, these rumours have been consistent and Google has confirmed plans to enter the gaming market with acquisitions of studios and the public testing of a new streaming service. It looks like we are now closer than ever to seeing Google's own gaming hardware too, with the controller design being revealed over the weekend.

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Nintendo claims early Switch was stolen, user returns it

Last week we got our first real look at the back-end menu system of Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console, thanks to one lucky owner who claimed to have received it several weeks early. However the story surrounding that console has taken a darker turn, as Nintendo is now claiming that the …

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Rumour: Sony to build new PS4 for 4K gaming

Over the last couple of years, PC gamers have been moving more and more towards 4K gaming and while many graphics cards do struggle at the higher resolution, playable frame rates are achievable. However, that’s just the PC side of things, what about consoles? Well it turns out that Sony …

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Xbox Live is back up after 15 hours of issues

Last night, Xbox Live began having a lot of issues with its core services, which spread through to things like app connectivity and games. During this time, people had trouble launching apps like YouTube, Netflix, Plex or catch up services, users also couldn’t access things like the store or go …

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The !nverse case brings high-end PC gaming to console sizes

Back last year, Valve began trying to bring PC gaming to the masses with the launch of Steam Machines, tiny console-sized Linux-based gaming systems. However, a lot of PC gamers still prefer to build their own systems though there can be a lack of truly console-sized cases with the features …

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