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Google celebrates Where Wild Things Are author on search page

Maurice Sendak, the author of abstract children’s tale, Where The Wild Things Are, might have been dead for over a year now, but today is his birthday and it’s worth celebrating and what better way to do that, than with a Google Doodle?

Visiting Google’s page at the time of writing brings you to this merry collection of animated images. It’s quite an extended tribute to the man, showing off characters from his most well known novels – most of them, quite surreal.

Born in 1928, Sendak produced a large collection of novels throughout his career, though he was perhaps most well known for his book about a boy becoming the king of a group of monsters. It was turned into a live action movie in 2009 and even had an operatic interpretation in the early 80s.

Sendak died last year at age 83 – today would be his 85th birthday.

KitGuru Says: Who read Sendak’s books as a kid? If so, did you enjoy the movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are?

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