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Google Pixel 2 specs confirmed by FCC filing

The rumours surrounding Google’s next flagship smartphone have been heating up recently. The tentatively named ‘Pixel 2’ is currently expected to launch in October, with HTC once again taking on manufacturing duties. Now this week, an FCC filing seems to have confirmed some other features and specifications for the Pixel …

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Mega-leak shows off Google Pixel XL 2 specs

After Google debuted its well-received Pixel line-up, eyes shot forward to see what the company has next in store. After a quiet front on what the sequel to the Pixel might be, a mega-leak might have just uncovered key details on the Pixel XL 2, including a first glimpse. Android …

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Google faces $9bn fine in antitrust case with EU

Over the last several years, Google has been battling it out with the European Commission in court over various antitrust allegations. One of the first antitrust cases to be levied at Google surrounded the company’s ‘Shopping’ search engine, with the EU claiming Google skews results and causes harm to competitors. …

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Google, Facebook to combat fake-news during French election

Following on from claims that fake-news had a large impact on the U.S. presidential elections, technology firms like Google and Facebook are taking steps to combat it in the lead up to the French elections in April. Together they’ve debuted a service called Cross Check, which when it goes live …

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Google’s internet delivering drone project is dead


Back in 2014, Google acquired the team behind Project Titan, which ended up becoming part of the company’s experimental Google X division. At the start of 2016, the company unveiled plans to develop drones that could deliver 5G internet connections to developing countries and rural areas in an effort to …

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Google car rebranded as Waymo, still very much alive


Google’s car project is not being scaled back as was rumored, but has instead been rebranded as Waymo and will now operate under the Alphabet brand, much like many other Google projects which aren’t search or advertising related. Doubling down on its efforts, Waymo will soon be adding a further …

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Google to flag ‘repeat offenders’ with Safe Browsing


Google has had a ‘Safe Browsing’ option for its search engine for some time now and while it does flag potentially dangerous sites with malware, right now there are ways to circumvent being flagged. Some malicious sites will cease bad practices temporarily, wait for Google to remove the unsafe warnings …

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Google to unveil HTC-made DaydreamVR headset today


Google is expected to be announcing its first Daydream Virtual Reality headset today but it looks like we may have the details a little ahead of time. According to sources, Google’s first Daydream headset will be announced today with a low $79 price tag, completely undercutting Samsung’s GearVR and potentially …

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Pokémon Go launch traffic was 50 x what Niantic expected


Even the best/worst case scenario for Niantic’s launch of Pokémon Go traffic, was 10 times off in its estimation. The augmented reality developer ended up receiving 50 times the predicted traffic when it launched Pokémon Go earlier this year, which is why there were so many server issues and likely …

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