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Possible Weibo max-exodus is brewing

Lee Kai-Fu

Twitter could be set to get a big influx of users in the coming few weeks, as Ex-Google China head, Lee Kai-fu, has called for his 30 million+ followers on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, to do so again on his Twitter account, after he was banned from the …

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Google is suing BT for copyright infringement

BT Vs Google

Normally when I cover infringement stories here at Kitguru, it’s to do with patent arguments between Apple and Samsung, or artists taking a pop at The Pirate Bay, but today it’s two giant companies facing off which could end with fireworks. Google, has put BT in its sights, as part …

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Google submits anti-trust settlement proposal to EU Commission

Google Anti

Google has been under the investigative eye of the European Commission for the past couple of years, where it has been threatened with anti-trust action, after claims that Google was using its search engine dominance to push its other products on consumers. Now though, Google has submitted a proposal that …

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Google+ takes second place in social network race


While Facebook is still far and beyond the world’s most used social website, Google’s own + service has now taken the second place medal, beating out both Youtube and Twitter by a few per cent of the world’s population. According to new data from GlobalWebIndex, Facebook currently has over 50 …

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Eric Schmidt shown how North Korean’s “Google”

Eric Schmidt

During his humanitarian trip to North Korea, Google’s Eric Schmidt has been shown how some of the country’s most privileged access the internet. In such a strictly controlled society, only a select few are given access to the internet. Schmidt was shown how students work as part of his visit to an …

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Microsoft buying R2 Studios from under Apple’s nose


Microsoft has bought up R2 Studios, a startup from the makers of the Slingbox, in a deal that had both Apple and Google in the running for highest bidder. However it looks like Microsoft was able to secure the top spot, winning itself several patents in the process. Combined with …

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Google dodged £1 billion in taxes

Google Dodge

As part of a call for a global crackdown on tax avoidance, it has been revealed that Google is one of the biggest culprits. In 2011, the search giant pushed 80 per cent of its revenue, some £6 billion, through the island of Bermuda, thereby avoiding over £1 billion in …

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Google naming and shaming fake takedown requesters


Google receives a lot of takedown requests from companies around the world. Most of these are from large movie studios that don’t want torrent links to their works appearing in the search engine’s results, but sometimes these groups go way overboard, requesting links to completely legitimate content be removed. Perhaps …

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Google takes a swipe at Facebook

Google Facebook

Google’s social vice president Bradley Horowitz has taken a few swings at Facebook, as part of his suggestion that the time is ripe for Google’s + service to become the dominant social network, citing what he considers to be a general distaste for Facebook’s advertising practises as a major reason …

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Google not a fan of Bitch magazine


While Google might be ranked up there as one of the top companies to work for in the world, partly for its progressive stance on employment, it isn’t quite so forward thinking when it comes to language – denying certain groups Google accounts when they try and use a domain …

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Google vs Doogle


Google has fired off a legal notice to online job search site, Doogle, suggesting that because of the similarities in name, it is harmful to the company’s brand. The owner of Doogle, 22 year old Andries Maree Van Der Merwe, believes he has every right to continue its operation and …

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Google logo celebrates Bram Stoker

Google Dracula

As well as having a decidedly manly name, Bram Stoker was the figure behind the original Dracula novel and today, Google celebrates that fact with its Stoker inspired logo. 8th November 2012 is an apt date to do so as well, since it not only marks 165 years to the …

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UK government to investigate Google over piracy link removal


While that headline might sound like the British government is doing something noble, by cracking down on evil Google’s practices, it’s actually the other way around. Despite the search giant’s removal of many millions of links that sent users through to websites that facilitated piracy, it apparently isn’t doing enough and now …

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Google privacy policy breaks European law


Google has been ordered to make changes to its privacy policy after several EU organisations found it to be breaching European law, by not providing enough information to users on the amount and categories of data being collected about them and used for advertising purposes. The search giant revamped its privacy policy …

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Iran takes out Google search and Gmail

Google Block

Iran no longer has access to the Google search engine, or the Gmail email system, with no explanation by officials as to if or when they will be reinstated and what the reason for their filtering was. The announcement for the digital blockade was made by an official named Khoramabadi – …

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Google lets you Private Message in Hangouts now


Google is continuing to update its social network API, this time adding the ability to private message your pals when you’re in a Hangout. This brings the Hangout API to version 1.2, not only making it possible to communicate without others listening in, but also integrating new video and sound …

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Google helping create intelligent rooms

Google Room

Google has announced the release of a new bit of open source software designed to help develop interactive and intelligent rooms, that are able to tailor certain things to where a person is standing, what they’re looking at, as well as incorporating timed or triggered events. Wired had a couple …

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Relive the highlights from Google I/O 2012

Google I/O to the vast majority was so much more than just a developer’s conference. While a select few were focused on the many informing developer sessions at the show, many of us were interested in some awesome new products. At the end of the three days we had a whole bunch …

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Google buys Sparrow, different kind of tweeting noise

While some birds spend ages singing complex tunes, sparrow tend to tweet. The animal can take in a whole load of sensory inputs and reply back with a simple, direct message. Google is looking to take on this attribute with the purchase of Sparrow. KitGuru buys a pack of budgie …

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Google targeted in copyright infringement case

Google Torrent

While many companies have been centered in the sights of copyright lobbyists over the past few years, one of the biggest that performs the same sort of search functions as many a torrent site, Google, seemed to skate by with ease – presumably because in most instances its staggering financial …

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Import ban on Motorola Android devices takes effect

The ruling by the International Trade Commission two months ago against a number of products in Motorola’s Android range takes effect today, blocking them from being imported into the United States.  In total, eighteen of their products are effected by the ban including the Motorola Atrix, Defy, Droid X2, and Xoom. Motorola …

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Streetview revisits the Antarctic

Shackleton's Hut

Following on from the Amazon river safari and its whistlestop tour of certain Antarctic areas in 2010, Google’s Streetview has now added a host of new images to its library, making it possible to further explore the region. Now available are shots of Shackleton, Scott’s Hut, the South Pole telescope, …

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Youtube-MP3 hits back at Google with the internet!

Youtube MP3

And legal council. We covered the overt threat from Google towards Youtube ripping site Youtube-MP3.com last month, where it was made clear that should it not shut down voluntarily, Google would be forced to bring to bear its staggeringly well funded legal team. Instead of bowing to this potential tidal …

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