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Hacks and spying, how Yahoo lost a billion dollars


As a company still riding its wave of late ’90s popularity, Yahoo is a company out of time. Its poor timing has really bitten it in the ass this year though, as while trying to accept a buyout from Verizon to the tune of near $5 billion, it’s been faced …

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Google’s Daydream View brings VR to Android for £70


Google has officially taken its first step into virtual reality hardware by announcing the Daydream View headset, bringing virtual reality to a wider range of Android smartphones at a lower price compared to the Samsung Gear VR. It still requires a smartphone for display and horsepower duties but at £69, …

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Google to unveil HTC-made DaydreamVR headset today


Google is expected to be announcing its first Daydream Virtual Reality headset today but it looks like we may have the details a little ahead of time. According to sources, Google’s first Daydream headset will be announced today with a low $79 price tag, completely undercutting Samsung’s GearVR and potentially …

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Pokémon Go launch traffic was 50 x what Niantic expected


Even the best/worst case scenario for Niantic’s launch of Pokémon Go traffic, was 10 times off in its estimation. The augmented reality developer ended up receiving 50 times the predicted traffic when it launched Pokémon Go earlier this year, which is why there were so many server issues and likely …

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Google has put a stop to Project Ara

Ever since the Phonebloks concept first hit the web, the idea of a modular smartphone has really took off and Google was the first to take the idea seriously, kicking off Project Ara. We have seen Ara evolve a lot over the last couple of years and just a few months …

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Google is dropping Google+ from the Play Store


Google has begun ditching its Google+ social networking integration from the Play Store, as it continues to make the service far less ubiquitous. While there was once a section about people you knew and what they thought of various apps, and you needed a G+ account to leave reviews, none …

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The EU has a new batch of antitrust complaints for Google


The European Union already has two antitrust cases running against Google at the moment, one for Google Shopping and another for Android. Now, it looks like a third case is brewing as the EU has some fresh antitrust complaints against Google’s advertising business. According to the statement of objections, Google’s …

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Google defends its anti-piracy efforts in updated report

Google gets a lot of grief from copyright holders claiming that the company isn’t doing enough to stop piracy, despite the company’s many efforts. However, this week, Google defended the amount of effort it puts in to suppressing stolen content in an updated anti-piracy report that goes over exactly what …

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Google might be building its own Nexus Smartwatch


It seems that things in the Android Wear smartwatch world have slowed down a bit lately but this week, reports have begun circulating suggesting that Google is currently working on two of its own smartwatches, set to launch under the Nexus brand. This isn’t the first time that we have …

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Off-centre extremism: Facebook, Google auto-takedown videos

Get ready for extremist videos with off-centre camera work, lighting overlays and shrunken content – Google and Facebook are now automatically taking down videos thought to be related to terrorism, so the uploaders may need to find a way to get around it. Although neither Facebook or Google have announced …

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Google DeepMind wants a kill switch for AI

Google’s Artificial Intelligence researchers at DeepMind have proposed that a ‘kill switch’ be built for AI to prevent machines from outsmarting us and taking over. The idea is to create a way to “repeatedly safely interrupt” an algorithm, according to a new paper created in association with the University of Oxford …

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Youtube is still going after ripping sites

Youtube has never been a fan of the sites and browser extensions that make it easy to download videos from its site, in their entirety or when converted to MP3s. It’s been going after them with legal action for years and it shows no sign of stopping. It’s latest target …

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France: Google won’t get a tax deal

One of the biggest financial scandals in the UK earlier this year, was when Google managed to negotiate paying around 10 per cent of the tax it owed the British government. France however isn’t so keen to see Google skip out on back taxes and following a raid on the …

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Google confirms plans to build its own VR headset

Google I/O is taking place this week and alongside various other Chrome OS and Android related announcements, Google spoke a little about its new virtual reality project known as ‘Daydream’. As part of this new project, Google has confirmed that it intends to build a VR headset, which will serve …

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Google has an AI processor and it already works well

The development of ever smarter artificial intelligences is going to be a major component of high-tier tech firms over the next few years, but Google looks to have the jump on most of them. It’s developed its own AI processor, specifically designed for high-operational tasks and it’s been testing its …

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The EU said to hit Google with huge €3 billion fine

The European Commission currently has several anti-trust cases out against Google, one of which focuses on the company’s monopoly on Search Engines. Some companies have accused Google of favouring its own services in search results and while Google has made its defence, reports this week are saying that the EU …

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Google and Yahoo investigating 272 million stolen logins

Earlier this week, a security researcher revealed that millions upon millions of Google, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts were being actively traded on the black market. Following on from this news, Google and Yahoo have both said that they are now looking into the breach that saw 272 million account login …

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Google announces Fiat partnership with driverless cars

While Google has spent many years developing autonomous vehicles, many wondered if it would eventually get into car manufacturing itself, or partner with a more traditional company. It looks like the latter may be the most true of those ideas, as it’s now announced a partnership with Fiat to help …

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HTC is reportedly working on two Android N Nexus devices

While HTC is mostly making headlines with its virtual reality headset these days, the company still has a strong presence in the Android smartphone market. We have been hearing murmurs that HTC is currently signed on to build multiple Nexus devices for Google, perhaps for several years, but this week, …

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China is gunning hard for driverless cars too

We’ve heard a lot about western companies like Google, Tesla and various traditional manufacturers working on autonomous vehicle technology, but China is making a big play for it too. Along with Baidu, many Chinese firms have been working on developing self-piloting vehicles, many of which showed off their latest efforts …

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Getty Images accuses Google of promoting photo piracy

Getty Images, a well-known US-based photography agency has accused Google of promoting photo piracy and undermining its business. This will lead to yet another formal antitrust complaint being filed against the company with the European Commission, which already has two antitrust cases out against Google at the moment regarding Android …

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