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Amazon is working on a game console – rumour

The mysterious “V1” device which Amazon reportedly demonstrated late last year behind closed doors may be its video game console, which is due later this year, according to unofficial information. In case the information is correct, then Amazon may become an arch-rival for Microsoft Corp., Nintendo and Sony Corp. later this year.

The world’s largest online retailer is working on “a dedicated games and entertainment device” that will be available this year and priced below $300 (£181), reports VG247. The console will run Google Android operating system and will be compatible with popular titles for smartphones and media tablets. It is also likely that the system will support games designed specifically for it.

At present Amazon is demonstrating the prototype of the console to publishers. It is reported that the device is about the size of the PSone, oblong in shape and with sharp edges. The final version will most likely be different from the prototype.


It is believed that Amazon’s console will be based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-chip, which should provide decent performance for games originally designed for Android or iOS platforms, but do not expect it to be comparable with the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. In case the console supports dedicated/proprietary games, it will successfully compete against such consoles as Gamestick and Ouya.

Quite naturally, the new console will support not only games, but also music and video delivery services that Amazon offers. Given the market situation and the nature of game console business, it is logical to expect the device to offer ultra-high-definition video playback and output, plenty of graphics processing horsepower and other capabilities expected from a gaming device.

Amazon did not comment on the news-story.

KitGuru Says: It is rumoured that Amazon is working on a product that is bigger than Kindle. But will a game console be actually bigger than Kindle Fire HD tablets that also support video, audio and gaming?

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