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Sales of Samsung Galaxy S exceeded 200 million units

At the launch event dedicated to the Galaxy S5 smartphone, Samsung Electronics announced that cumulative sales of its premium Galaxy S family of devices had exceeded 200 million units since the introduction in 2010. The number clearly shows very high popularity of the Galaxy S line among end-users, nonetheless, sales of the SGS are considerably behind its arch-rival, Apple’s iPhone.

In January, 2013, Samsung celebrated shipment of the 100 millionth Galaxy S smartphone. Thus, it took the company three years to sell 100 million units and then a little over a year to ship another 100 million, an impressive achievement. The numbers clearly demonstrate that Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 were much more popular than their predecessors thanks to a host of proprietary technologies developed by Samsung.

Total life-to-date sales of Apple iPhone are around 472 million as of late December, 2013. Since early 2010, Apple has shipped around 430 million iPhone smartphones thanks to overwhelming popularity of the line starting from the iPhone 4.


While sales of the premium Samsung Galaxy S (SGS) family of smartphones are behind Apple iPhone during the same period, it should be noted that Samsung also sells less expensive models which outsell everything else on the market. At present, Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

KitGuru Says: 200 million is a very respectable number. The question is whether Samsung will keep the pace. The Galaxy S5 grew bigger once again, which may lower its appeal to the mass audience and therefore slowdown sales of the whole line.

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