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Cosmos SE finally ready to land

Anyone who’s owned one of Cooler Master’s awesome Cosmos chassis will, at some point, have wondered why they didn’t make a smaller one. One that would fit easily into any space. Well, with the launch of the Cosmos SE, that wait is over. We’re happy.

If a chassis won’t take an E-ATX mainboard, how many people will that really affect?   We guess a very small part of the population.

The new Cosmos SE is an updated and smaller version of KitGuru’s ‘Chassis of the Year 2012’.

It has a polymer appearance, with a mesh front bezel, steel case body and aluminium struts.

The case caters for ATX, micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards (can you just imagine the loneliness of a Mini-ITX board in this chassis!).

There are three 5.25″ bays on the front panel, and 8x 3.5″ bays – alongside 15 slots for SSD drives. OK, so this is ‘small’ in the way that the Tardis is small.

We managed to chat with Cooler Master’s expert in these areas, Raymon Wu. He told us, “It can support 360mm radiator on the front, a 240/280mm radiator on the top and a 120mm radiator on the rear for those water cooling enthusiasts. The maximum graphics card length is limited to 390mm, and the clearance for CPU cooler is 165mm”.

We’re not sure that you can describe 390mm as a limitation for graphic cards in the general sense – it’s enough to handle a Titan with many centimeters to spare.

Asked about the clever airflow design that is a fundamental part of the chassis layout, Ray told us, “We focus on cooling so the our customers don’t have to”.


We love the way that Cooler Master has combined elegance with a sinister edge – like looking into the eyes of a gorgeously dangerous woman – especially with the deep red tones that permeate the shadows within.

It's easy to be proud when your company just delivered something like this.
It’s easy to be proud when your company just delivered something like this.

KitGuru says: Can’t wait for these to arrive in a couple of months’ time.

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