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Cooler Master to improve dust filter design following KitGuru’s QUBE 500 review

Back in September, we reviewed the Cooler Master QUBE 500, a flatpack PC case that you build from scratch. It was a concept we could get behind, especially for someone who enjoys building and modding PCs. However, our airflow testing brought up some concerns. Now, Cooler Master has responded to our findings and will be making changes to the case design to improve airflow.

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Cooler Master details five new gaming monitors

Cooler Master is still relatively new to the gaming monitor market, but it already has a few decent offerings. Cooler Master is looking to expand in this area soon with the introduction of five new gaming monitors to fit different needs and budgets.  First, we have the Cooler Master GM34-CWQ2, …

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Cooler Master launches Street Fighter VI-themed hardware

Cooler Master has recently announced a historic collaboration with Capcom to produce an exclusive collection of Street Fighter 6-themed components and peripherals to commemorate the release of the latest entry in the fighting game series. Cooler Master has crafted a selection of peripherals integrating the iconic character colours of Ryu, …

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Cooler Master unveils pricey Cooling X and Sneaker X PC systems

Cooler Master will soon launch two new unique PC systems targeted at those looking for liquid-cooled, high-end machines. First, there's the Cooling X, featuring a more traditional design with reduced dimensions and handgrips. Then, there's the Sneaker X, a sneaker-shaped PC that will surely stand out from the competition. The …

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Cooler Master launches Oracle Air portable M.2 SSD enclosure

Cooler Master is expanding its line-up of useful accessories with the new Oracle Air, an aluminium SSD enclosure that gives quick and convenient on-the-go access to data.  The Oracle Air seamlessly transfers data at impressive speeds of up to 1000MB/s, utilising the advanced NVMe interface paired with USB 3.2 technology. …

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Cooler Master unveils enthusiast-grade CK720 keyboard with hot-swappable switches

Today Cooler Master is unveiling its first foray into enthusiast keyboards with the CK720 mechanical keyboard. This one stands out from the pack with its hot-swappable switches, allowing for greater customisation and choice. The CK720 comes in two colour editions, Space Gray and Silver White. The UK layout will ship with Kailh Box V2 White switches pre-installed, but as these …

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