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Computex: Spark launches rugged portable PC with 5760 resolution

Robust is a cool word. We love it. Sure, some people take it too far with phones that can be used in the shower etc, but – overall – it's nice to know that something won't break when you drop it. Spark has packed a mean system into a cool package. KitGuru was on hand to see its petals spread.

Briefcase PCs have been around a while – since the Osbourne lugable in fact.

While some have offered HD monitors and notebook-like portability, we haven't seen anything quite as cool as the Spark evolution that it calls the S9T.

It doesn't come with one HD screen or two. The Spark S9T comes with a full on compliment of three 1920×1080 monitors.


But why would anyone want to carry around something heavier, more space consuming and possibly (depending on your aesthetic taste) uglier?

The clever money will bet on the ruggedisation and easy upgradeability of this solution.

Walking around Computex 2013, we were astounded at the sheer number of different manufacturers who are making something like this, but Spark catches your eye because they're not trying to be psychedelic. Nope. This unit appears to have military aspirations.

Here's the important S9T tech info, so you can join us in some geeky-lusting:-

  • The S9T has three full HD 1080p monitors (1920x1080pixels)
  • They are 17.13″ widescreen LCDs
  • The chassis itself supports a full ATX motherboard with room for 7 slots – 4 of which are full length
  • There are a heap [Tech speak – Ed] of drive bay options with support from archaic to current blu-ray and DVD solutions
  • It will handle PSUs in the 300-700w range and has 2x 120mm fans to allow components to chillax

Moving on, the makers suggest the device is ideal for remote flight control and simulation, on-site HD video editing and broadcasting(when one screen won't do), network and communications testing (might have been handy on this assignment), field data acquisition, exploration, factory monitoring/automation and for tried and tested ‘demos for clients'.

KitGuru says: One thing is for sure. If you drop it, it’s going to hurt whatever you drop it on, but I'm not sure how high you have to drop it from to make it break.

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