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Exclusive Asus Z87 Sabertooth Video

As the biggest manufacturer of mainboards for the technology-lovers market, Asus has quite a reputation to uphold during the launch of Intel's Z87 chipset for its 4th Generation of Core processors. KitGuru was lucky enough to get its cameras inside the regional HQ for Asus, while one of its engineers took us through the key hardware and software features of the Asus Z87 Sabertooth mainboard.

One of the most unusual designs of recent times, the Sabertooth version of the Z87 mainboard from Asus comes with ‘thermal armor'.

This is a system of covers for various parts of the mainboard that, paradoxically, help reduce temperatures.

In most life-situations, we cover things to retain heat.

But, when it comes to mainboards, you can use covers to intelligently route cool air across hot components.

The real-world analogy would be a comparison of trying to stay cool by (a) laying on the floor and hoping heat leaves your body or (b) sitting in a cupboard with a fan at the top and the bottom pushing air over you. While most of us would probably lay down, sitting in the box is more effective.

Following on from our popular look at the Asus Maximus VI Extreme board, check out this in-depth run through of what makes the Z87 Sabertooth from Asus so special. If you're serious about a high-end, overclocked Haswell built – then this is for you:-

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TiVTzjCAGM']

KitGuru says: It looks good and weighing in around the £195 mark, this KitGuru Must Have mainboard is a serious contender if you're planning on buying a Core i7 4770k.

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