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New MacBook air coming: Best Buy suspend orders

Kitguru reports earlier this month of a new MacBook Air update, seem to have been close as giant retailer Best Buy have put a hold on MacBook Air orders, which would indicate that Apple are about to release an updated version of the big selling laptop.

According to information on AppleInsider, the current generation MacBook Air is now listed as ‘Not available for shipping’. Apple’s online store however are still selling them, however we would imagine that if they refresh the line shortly that people who have bought them very recently may be entitled to a swap over if requested.

Best Buy are still selling them in retail stores and they are still selling the 128GB version in the UK in certain stores.

Image courtesy of CultOfMac

The new MacBook Air range should be really impressive, with a switch to Sandybridge and the addition of a Thunderbolt port, which has yet to gain any momentum. Applesinsider claim that Apple may hold the release until Apple can include a final retail version of Mac OS X Lion with the machines.

The new operating system is due for release in July and it has many upgrades and changes to the kernel with many new features also in place, such as mult touch gesture support and Mission Control, which works similar to the iPad and iPhone.

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