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New MacBook Air models scheduled for end of June

Apple are releasing new MacBook Air models at the end of June. Our sources in Taipei are saying that the new machines will use the latest Sandybridge technology and will have the new Thunderbolt interface as well.

Quanta Computer will be handling the main assembly procedure. Dynapack are dealing with the high demand for the batteries. The new machines will bring Apple right up to date with the technology inside and we also have heard that the power demands should be slightly lower than the previous model thanks to the new adoption of the ultra low voltage chips for these machines. Battery life should be around the 5-6 hour mark.

Apple’s MacBook Air has been a big seller for the Cupertino giant, selling well, even in the face of Tablet competition. Apple have a dedicated user base for this machine and with the new model we can expect to see the last generation machines selling well on ebay as followers want to upgrade to Sandybridge.

KitGuru says: Are you upgrading to Sandybridge?

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