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Microsoft reissue Windows Phone 7 update

Microsoft have re-released the update for Windows Phone 7, after an initial problem which caused some phones to brick.

The update has fixed a plethora of back end issues and was originally released last month. It all seemed to be fine until reports started filtering in that Samsung phones were ‘bricking'. For those of you who don't know what ‘bricking' means, it is when a phone gets an update which fails and causes the phone to stop working correctly, or at all.

Microsoft have said in their blog posting that the errors have been fixed and it is safe for everyone to download the new update. If you previously received the update and it went fine, then there is no need to get this patched version, it won't fix anything new.

The company has been rather embarassed by this latest faux pas, especially as they are trying to expand their user base by offering software which appeals to the widest possible audience. To be fair, every phone manufacturer has experienced issues on some levels in the past, but Microsoft are constantly under the spotlight.

The next update for Windows Phone users increases overall phone performance and responsiveness and yes, it will add the much missed ‘copy and pasting' of text. We aren't quite sure why that was ever left out in the first place.

KitGuru says: Microsoft will be doubling their efforts this year for the smoothest possible updates.

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