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Steam to end Windows 7 and 8 support by January 2024

Operating system fragmentation has always been an issue for Windows, and while the situation had been mostly resolved thanks to Windows 10 (until Windows 11 was introduced), many users still run much older versions of Microsoft’s OS, including Windows 8 and even Windows 7. Those wanting to play games via Steam however will soon need to upgrade as come the end of the year support for older versions of Windows is officially ceasing.

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Pokémon TCG Live enters open beta on PC and mobile

Since the release of Hearthstone, online card games have become increasingly popular. Other traditional TCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic The Gathering have made the transition to digital offerings and soon, the Pokemon card game will be doing the same thing. Pokemon TCG Live just entered open beta on PC and …

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Windows 11 Dev Preview now live

Microsoft recently showed off Windows 11 - a revamp which comes with a plethora of changes - both visually and quality-of-life wise. While the full release is not expected to launch until much later this year, Microsoft did promise early access to those who are part of its Windows insider program. For those brave few, Windows 11 is now available.

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Auto HDR is coming to PC with Windows 11

Of the many improvements brought about by the newest generation of Xbox consoles, Auto HDR is one of the most unique. Allowing older games to be brought to modern brightness standards without the need for developer input, Auto HDR has now been announced to be coming to PC. As part …

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