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Xbox Game Pass PC app update enables mods and removes restrictions on game installs

In late 2021, Microsoft announced some major improvements coming to the Xbox Game Pass app on PC. The update will finally give users more control over their game installs and files, as well as increased mod support. Now after months of testing, this update is finally ready to roll out.

Today, alongside new Xbox Game Pass game announcements, Microsoft also revealed that the Game Pass app on PC will be getting its highly anticipated update today. Now, users of the app can expect more flexibility and control over their games and files, bringing it more in line with something like Steam, and continuing to do away with the awful UWP system that debuted on Windows 10.

With this update, PC gamers can install Game Pass titles to any folder on their PC, and you'll also be able to dig through the game files without being blocked off, opening the door for more modding opportunities for titles on Xbox Game Pass. This will even make it easier to use basic tools, like reshade, in addition to opening the door for more expansive mods for titles like Skyrim, Fallout and other supported games.

Additionally, if you need to move some games around to free up space on an SSD or HDD, you will also now have an easier time moving games between folders and drives. You should now be able to move entire installs without needing to redownload anything.

The Xbox Game Pass PC update is rolling out for Windows 10 and Windows 11 today.

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KitGuru Says: If this means I can finally install Sea of Thieves on my D: drive instead of my C: drive then I'll be very happy. Have any of you had issues accessing files or installing games using the Xbox Game Pass app? Has this update fixed things for you?

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